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Sequel Acquires Alliance Family Services

We are pleased to announce that on March 1st, 2014 Sequel Youth and Family Services acquired Alliance Family Services. Sequel Alliance Family Services (SAFS) offers outpatient psychiatric services, mental health therapy, chemical dependency treatment and care for developmentally disabled children and adults. SAFS has eight offices located in Idaho; Coeur d'Alene, Sandpoint, Kellogg, St. Maries, Bonners Ferry, Priest River, Moscow, Lewiston and three offices located in Nevada. Alliance's now-former owners, Tracey and Fred Lange, will stay on and work as executive directors. The Langes started Alliance in June 2000.

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Northern Illinois Academy’s Open House a Resounding Success!

The open house at Northern Illinois Academy provided parents and residents the opportunity to talk about placing agencies, school districts, and local businesses. Additionally, the event enabled students and their parents to discuss how NIA has impacted them and their families. During the open house, we had a screen with pictures of the kids and staff from different activities from 2013. This happy montage played, as visitors looked at the several different booths we had around the cafeteria. These booths covered the many services that NIA provides: education, vocation, speech therapy, art therapy, group living, and a full spectrum of clinical services. Every stand had a representative to discuss the details of each service, providing a wealth of information for visitors. One of the staff’s favorite booths was the one reserved for the Parent Advisory Committee. This booth gave parents the opportunity to spend the day talking about NIA; parents could tell others about the positive impact NIA has had on their lives. There is no more powerful example of the good NIA does than the testimony of proud parents who staffed this booth!

In addition to the different booths at the open house, visitors also had the option of taking a tour of the academy. The residents and staff had a great time showing visitors our facility, or their “home away from home.” They showed the inside of the school and also the 1.5 acres that is currently being developed into a safe play yard. The kids had a great time practicing their “friendly norms” that they have been working so hard on; these manners help break their shyness and make others feel welcome too.

All in all, the open house was a great success, bringing everyone involved in NIA (builders, parents, placing agencies, kids, and Sequel folks) together for one afternoon. The atmosphere was inviting and warm, with great food, great conversations, and lots of smiles. After it was all said and done, we (the staff and kids) still had big grins on our faces, and the consensus was that the open house went perfectly. We wouldn’t have changed a thing.

Sequel Transition Academy Open House

Sequel Wins Alabama RFP

On Friday June 14, 2013 Mr. Kenny Roberts, with the help of Sylvia Steger, Paula Pickens, Bette Moore, and Karrie Lenox were awarded a new RFP for 40 intensive residential beds in Montgomery, Alabama by the Alabama Department of Human Resources. The intensive residential program will provide services to 20 adolescent males ranging in ages from 12- 18 and 20 adolescent girls ranging in ages from 12- 18 from central Alabama. Children admitted to the program may have issues with delinquency, gang involvement, chronic runaways, manipulative behaviors, difficulty maintaining self-control, poor self-esteem, and difficulty accepting authority.

The Montgomery Program will open its doors to children on October 1st, 2013. The program will provide onsite individual, group, and family therapy, educational services, recreational therapy, case management, substance abuse education, medical care, crisis intervention services, basic living skills, and gender specific treatment services.

The average length of stay for the program will be 6 to 12 months based on the child’s progression in the treatment process. Children will be admitted to the program and placed in primary groups of up to 9 other children of similar age ranges and having similar needs for services. All clinical services will be completed by a master’s level licensed therapist, who is assigned to one primary group of residents.

The educational program provides individualized educational assessments; special education services to include evaluations, development and monitoring of IEPs; individual and classroom instruction on all core subjects according to the Alabama Course of Study; assessment of academic performance using progress notes and numerical grades; quarterly standardized testing; tutoring; homework; behavioral modification using a token economy and report cards. Classes include core subjects of Math, English, History, Science, Physical Education, Vocational Education, and various electives related to independent living skills. Since SACS accredits the Sequel TSI schools, all academic credits earned by the student will transfer upon discharge from the residential program.

Each child will participate in the development of a Behavioral Management Plan consistent with the use of positive reinforcements and rewards as defined in our Positive Peer Culture. The Positive Peer Culture (PPC) is aimed at helping each resident learn responsible thinking and behavior. This occurs through the involvement of staff and residents. This behavioral management system places emphasis on peer interactions due to the innate ability of peers to influence each other.