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Sequel Acquires Aaron and Rebecca Day School programs in New York, NY

Sequel Youth and Family Services is excited to announce the acquisition of the Aaron and Rebecca Schools in New York City, New York on January 1st, 2018.

Aaron School is a private K-12 special education school whose mission is to serve students with learning disabilities in the areas of reading, writing, and math in addition to attention, sensory and social challenges. They provide integrated academic, enrichment, and therapeutic services with the goal of enabling each student to become a confident and successful learner. Offering an academically rigorous curriculum aligned with the New York State Learning Standards, Aaron employs an individualized approach to ensure student success while preparing them for successful post-secondary educational experiences and professional career

Rebecca School is a therapeutic day school for children ages 3 to 21, promoting the education and development of children with neurodevelopmental delays of relating and communicating, including autism spectrum disorders. They utilize the Developmental Individual Differences Relationship-based (DIR®) model. The DIR® Methodology developed by Dr. Stanley Greenspan proceeds from the core belief that relationships are the foundation of learning. At Rebecca School, we consider the variations in individual motor and sensory processing systems and tailor each child’s program to his or her specific needs.

Visit their websites at:

Aaron School -

Rebecca School -

Sequel Alliance Family Services wins “Greatest Impact on Agency Operations” award from Foothold Technology

Foothold Technology, an electronic record, EHR vendor and human services software provider, offers web-based software for human service providers that eases the burden of documentation, providing agencies with the freedom to focus on their Mission. More than 1,000 agencies nationwide count on Foothold’s AWARDS software to manage their services, including Mental Health, Alcohol & Substance Abuse, Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities, Homeless & Housing, Employment & Training, Seniors, Veterans, Youth & Family, and more.

The 2017 prize for Greatest Impact on Agency Operations recognizes an agency that demonstrates how its use of AWARDS creates positive, measurable impact on agency operations and the agency as a whole. This year’s recipient is Sequel Alliance Family Services. Since joining the Foothold Technology community in 2014, Sequel Alliance has worked diligently to ensure operational efficiency for the agency and increase its support for staff and clients. This includes using weekly quality assurance and compliance reports generated from AWARDS to drive agency decision-making. This work helped land the average score of 95% on a recent Idaho state Medicaid audit. As Brianne Page, QI Manager at Sequel Alliance describes, “With AWARDS, our supervisors have the ability to view their entire programs’ documentation in one location with ease, eliminating the need for cumbersome paper records and unnecessary travel from site to site. Before AWARDS, this level of oversight would have been impossible.”

Sequel Acquires Pomegranate Health Systems on October 27, 2016

Sequel Youth and Family Services is excited to announce the acquisition of Pomegranate Health Systems in Columbus Ohio. Sequel Pomegranate was established in 2008 as a residential treatment facility serving males and females referred for emergency shelter care, and teens referred to treatment by Franklin County Ohio Children Services for Male and Female youth ages range is 12 to 18. Sequel Pomegranate offers three unique programs:

Acute Hospital
Our 20-bed Acute Hospital serves teens ages 12-17 in crisis, who are a danger to self or others. This intensive level of care averages a 7-10 day length of stay.

Long Term Therapeutic Residential Program
Our 70-bed Long Term Therapeutic Residential Treatment program serves Males and Females ages 12-18. Lengths of stay average from 4 – 6 months.

Emergency Shelter
The Emergency Shelter Care provides stabilization for Male and Female youth who have disrupted placement or been removed from dysfunctional environment. Lengths of stay average 30 day or less

Sequel Pomegranate treats mental health disorders, behavioral health disorders, teens referred to us in crisis with suicidal or homicidal ideation, or psychosis, teens in need of shelter care, or facing juvenile court charges. In our secure environment, treatment options include an integrative structured program featuring many opportunities to address specific client needs for healing through individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, art therapy, nursing and case management in a secure, residential treatment facility with medical/nursing care 24-7. Pomegranate is licensed and certified by The Ohio Department of Mental Health & Addiction Services and Accredited by The Joint Commission on Hospital Accreditation.

The mission of Sequel Pomegranate is to help children and adolescents and their families recover from the effects of mental illness, learn to care for themselves and each other; and achieve the highest possible quality of life in their homes and communities. Our core values include safety, trauma-informed care, a therapeutic milieu, strength-based services, self-sufficiency, education and permanency. The goal is to alleviate suffering, promote holistic development, and provide an enabling environment in which disenfranchised and traumatized children can thrive.

C.A.R.E. Schools (Centers for Adolescent Recovery and Education) Joins Sequel August 16th, 2016

Sequel Youth and Family Services is excited to announce the acquisition of C.A.R.E. Schools (Centers for Adolescent Recovery and Education). C.A.R.E. was founded in 1999 and operates four residential programs in Utah (approximately 250 beds) and serves youth from multiple states. Their programs include:

Red Rock Canyon
Red Rock Canyon School in St. George, UT has been providing Psychiatric Residential Treatment Services to youth since 1999. A Joint Commission (JCAHO) accredited facility, Red Rock Canyon School offers treatment for teens 12-18 who require structure and treatment beyond that available in tradition outpatient clinics and intensive outpatient services.

Falcon Ridge Ranch
Falcon Ridge Ranch is a licensed Residential Treatment Center for girls ages 12 to 18 who are experiencing emotional and behavioral problems but haven’t thrived under the traditional care of outpatient treatment and require and out-of-home therapeutic setting. They offer hope, healing, and restoration through a unique blend of professional therapeutic services, academic instruction, and equine therapy. Their girls excel in a small, intimate and loving atmosphere where they get plenty of one-on-one support from therapists, teachers, and professional staff.

Lave Heights Academy
Lava Heights Academy is a residential treatment center for male and female teens 12-18 offering comprehensive arts therapy programs covering all four arts modalities; music, drama, art and dance/movement therapies. Lava Heights Academy’s therapists and arts professionals work with teens that have psychological, emotional, behavioral, social, and other developmental challenges; reaching them in ways traditional talk therapy cannot. The arts provide a way for students to communicate and overcome complex feelings, fears and struggles when words alone are not enough.

Mt. Pleasant Academy
Mt. Pleasant Academy is a specialized residential treatment center for boys 12-18 who exhibit compulsive sexual behavior, pornography addiction, sensitive sexual issues, and/or digital addictions. A small 16-bed treatment center, Mt. Pleasant Academy is a safe place for boys dealing with sensitive issues to be open and honest about their problems in an environment and approach that is accepting and supportive but not judgmental. Mt. Pleasant Academy has one of the very best professional therapeutic teams specializing in sexual compulsive behavior.

Several of C.A.R.E.’s key staff will remain in place including, Brain Pace Executive Director and Sherman Habibian, Marketing Director.

Sequel Youth and Family Services adds a new location in Florida

Sequel Youth and Family Services is excited to announce that we have been awarded the contract to partner with the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice to manage the Palm Beach Youth Academy (PBYA) in West Palm Beach, Florida. Palm Beach Youth Academy is a high risk facility that provides specialized treatment to 70 adolescent males that have been committed to the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice. The program serves males between the ages of 15 to 21. The facility provides supervision in a safe, secure, positive, and normalized-focused environment. In addition to ensuring the physical wellbeing of our youth, PBYA aims to provide our youth with high quality clinical services to address their mental health and substance abuse needs. Sequel Youth and Family Services took over management of PBYA on April 1st, 2016.

Sequel Youth and Family Services adds a new location in Florida

Sequel Youth and Family Services is excited to announce that we have been awarded the contract to partner with the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice to manage the St. John’s Program in St. Augustine, Florida. Sequel of St. John’s is a high risk facility that provides specialized treatment to 70 adolescent males that have been committed to the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice. The program is dedicated to excellence in providing mental health treatment to males between the ages of 14 t0 18. Sequel of St. John’s prides itself in the use of evidenced based programming and behavior management that is reflective of the most current research. Over the course of these young men’s nine to twelve month stay, they will receive specialized treatment for an array of behavior problems, mental health and substance abuse overlay services, educational and vocational services, and comprehensive transitional and discharge planning. Our mission is to maintain safety in the community through effective holistic treatment of the offender. This is achieved through the use of a normative culture that fosters respect, individuality, and enhances the strengths of each young man that it serves.

Sequel Youth and Family Services Wins First Health Home Contract

Sequel Youth and Family Services (Sequel) is proud to announce that it has won its first Health Home contract in Oklahoma.

The Health Home Program was created under the Affordable Care Act to allow states to provide Health Home services and care coordination to high-risk Medicaid and Medicare/Medicaid (duals) eligible clients. According to the Health Care Authority, the purpose of the program is to “reduce duplication of services and provide smoother transition and more personalized care to help reduce the progression of chronic disease, reduce inappropriate emergency department utilization and preventable hospital readmissions, and improve health and self-management of conditions.” A health home is not a place, it is a team of people who assist consumers in doing the things necessary to improve and maintain their health. They work with people in their homes, communities, and wherever they need support.

The overall purpose of a health home is to integrate physical and behavioral health care (both mental health and substance abuse) and long-term services for those with complex needs.

As defined by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS), a Health Home provides six specific services beyond the clinical services offered by a typical provider.

  • Comprehensive care management
  • Care coordination
  • Comprehensive transitional care and follow-up
  • Patient and family support
  • Referral to community and social support services

Signing its first Health Home contract is a major victory for Sequel. To be selected for a contract, an organization must be approved by the state. Sequel will be sharing, with the State of Oklahoma, quality measures, utilization, expenditures, and a variety of outcome measures.

The contract will allow the Sequel team to better meet the needs of customers by providing them with the exact services they need. Through the program, Sequel will integrate and coordinate all primary, acute, behavior health, and long-term services to help clients.

Sequel Youth and Family Services Adds New Partner and Service Location

Sequel Youth and Family Services (Sequel) is excited to officially add a new partner and a new service location to the company!

Sequel has acquired Forest Ridge in Estherville, IA and STARR Commonwealth in Albion, MI! STARR is Sequel’s newest partner and Forest Ridge is the newest service location acquisition.

Forest Ridge was established in 1983 as a residential foster care facility for at-risk youth. Today, the 140-bed program offers specialized Gender Responsive Services for adolescent girls between the ages of 13-17. Girls in the program focus not just on behavior change but also on positive thinking patterns, healthy belief systems and the development of a positive value system that will provide guidance for the students when they leave the program.

STARR Commonwealth was founded in 1913 as a refuge for homeless, dependent, neglected and delinquent boys. The residential treatment services provided by STARR represent the international standard of excellence in identifying, treating and healing trauma and pain-based behavior and building resiliency in children and adolescents.

Both Forest Ridge and STARR have a long established history of providing high-quality, innovative services to meet the needs of their clients. The staff members at both locations are hard-working and dedicated to the people they serve.

John Stupak, CEO, shared, “Both locations make a great addition to the Sequel team and we are very excited to have them.”